SecurePilot Auto Smart Garbage Can
SecurePilot Auto Smart Garbage Can
SecurePilot Auto Smart Garbage Can

SecurePilot Auto Smart Garbage Can

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Do you normally have a hard time disposing of your trash? Is your trash can still manually operated that you need to use your hands and in return, it will also get filthy? If you’re tired of the mess, the filth, and the stench ruining your home, we have the perfect solution for you!

The Smart Automatic Garbage can integrate the power of infrared sensors for no-touch use. What’s more, it comes in a variety of sizes that will suit any room/function you have for it without the possible spillage that every one of us is tired of dealing with. 

Are you interested to know why our Smart Automatic Garbage can is the best of its kind? Read more below. 

No-Hands Automatic Experience
You’ll delight yourself while using our Smart Automatic Garbage Can because of its no-hands function. It has two no-hands features: infrared induction and a vibration sensor that allows you to open the trash can without getting your hands dirty. 

Whether you tap it with your feet or wave your hand over it, the lid will respond at an amazing speed of 0.3 seconds and will automatically close the lid after 5 seconds. 

One-Tap Operation for Longer Use
Do you need to keep the lid open for a longer time? This product is operable with a one-button open automatic induction that lets you keep the lid open until you press the button again. 

Built-in Garbage Bag Storage Packet
The beauty of this product is not only limited to its technological advancements. Inside, we built a garbage bag storage packet so you don’t have to replace dirty and smelly garbage bags with a lot of hassle. With a simple pop and lock motion, your garbage bags are fresh and sealed!

Water-Resistant, Durable and Reliable
To give you assurance, protection, and longevity, we built the Smart Automatic Garbage Can with nothing but the sturdiest materials out there. What’s more, we guarantee this product to be water-resistant, ideal for use even in bathrooms or kitchens. 

_"It looks good and love the light. It is automatic. So effortless to throw the garbage. It doesn't look like a garbage can. So amazed!" Kristy B., Santa Ana, CA_

Not only that it gives an additional aesthetic to your home but it also helps your home cleaner. Now, it is a lot easier to find the trash can and not to worry about getting that germs to your hands. This Auto Smart Garbage Can opens automatically and can be found because of its built-in LED light.

Make that smart decision with this Auto Smart Garbage Can today!

The SecurePilot Guarantee:

At SecurePilot, we take satisfaction to a new standard, and that all begins with our customer experience. We offer all of our customers a 30-day money back guarantee for any issues with our products that affect your experience. We value all of our amazing customers, and will do whatever it takes to take care of you. + FREE Worldwide Shipping on us, Enjoy the savings. 

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